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Dental Practice Software

Interactive Dental Practice Software with dental notations, dentistry permanent and primary charts, dental treatment plans and customized dental procedures

What is the Dental Practice Software?

Minerva Data Dental Practice Software is a computer and electronic application and system to mange patient dentistry operations, plans and dental procedures communications across the dentists health professional team.

What are the features of the Dental Practice Software?

Who can use the Dental Practice Software?

The Dental Practice Software can be used by the following audiences

How much does the Cloud and Web based Dental Practice Software Cost?

The cost of the Cloud and Web based Dental Practice Software is user based with the following cost schema as per the pricing page.

What is the user and who can be classified as user?

The user is any health professional has active account in the Dental Practice Software.

Do you count the patient who access the Online Medical Imaging and Radiology and the Online Medical Laboratory Results as a user?

No, any health institution or Dentistry Clinic can have unlimited number of patients with active accounts without license and no cost associated.

Do you offer a free trial access before I purchase the Dental Practice Software ?

Yes, we offer a free trial access, click on this link to start your free trial access.

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