Clinical, Medical and Healthcare Solutions

Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Hospital Information (HIS), Radiology Information (RIS), Laboratory Information (LIS) and Dental Practice Software

Unified Transformation Platform

Comprehensive, modular and integrated clinical and healthcare platform.

One clinical platform to fully automate any health institution, hospital, medical laboratory, diagnostic radiology, clinic and medical centre.


No security breaches, no clinical data breaches and no patient data loss.

High available architecture and sophisticated security controls to protect the clinical data and patient information at all times.

8 Years Strategic Fixed Pricing

Strategic fixed pricing for the clinical and healthcare software to support your long-term healthcare investment strategy.

Cost effective with high return on investment and low total cost of ownership is guaranteed.

Scalable Computing Resources

Scalable, secure and reliable storage and computing resources to support your health institution at any time.

Our medical and health services and software grow as per your business requirements.

1,300 APIs for Integration Services

Our clinical, medical and healthcare software and solutions integrate well with other digital solutions.

1,300 published APIs and web services to exchange clinical data and communicate smoothly and securely with downstream and upstream applications.

70 Healthcare Packages

Automate any paperwork, manual process or improve existing ones within your health institution using our software and services.

Significant customisation capability, flexible software architecture and robust workflow engine.

Products Catalogue

Medical Practice Management

Cost effective and modern medical practice management software to manage patient, billing, health services and clinical data life cycle


Dental Practice Management

Interactive dental practice management software with dental notations, dentistry permanent and primary charts, dental treatment plans and customised dental procedures


Hospital Information Software (HIS)

Hospital information software to manage patient admission, surgeries, hospitalisation, emergency and medical vehicles and fleet and the medical inventory


Health Professional Recruitment and Case Management

Robust, user-friendly, and sophisticated tool designed specifically for recruiting, tracking, and managing health professionals.


Medical Imaging and Radiology Information (RIS)

Medical imaging and radiology information software to manage patient scan result for the MRI, CT, X Rays and Ultrasound tests and facilitate the medical imaging analysis.


Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

Pathology and laboratory medicine information software to manage patient pathology results, billing, scheduled appointments and generate pathology and laboratory medicine reports.


Independent Healthcare Platform

Our healthcare software and services work on any operating system and computing platform whether it is Windows, Linux, macOS, IBM or Solaris.

Full featured hospital information system (HIS), electronic health record (EHR), laboratory information system (LIS) and the radiology information system (RIS) work seamlessly on Android and iOS devices.

Focus on your Patient

Focus on your patients and let us manage your computing infrastructure and health services, with phone, online and service desk, our support centre operates around the clock to resolve any issue and address any risk.

Our Health Solutions and platform integrated with instant help request capability for any health professional has access to the system, simply by clicking the request button, our 24x7 support centre initiate a phone call in timely manner to provide first call support.

25% Discount

Not for profit health Organisations and health charities are eligible for 25% discount on our public pricing.

Any health institution, hospital, clinic or medical centre provides community health services regardless of the region, location and country is welcome to apply for 25% discount on our healthcare digital products and services.