Modern medical systems to manage hospital information, medical clinics, health centres, medical laboratories, and medical radiology centres

Medical Practice Management

Cost effective and modern Medical Practice Management Software to manage patient, billing, health services and clinical data life cycle

Dental Practice Management

Interactive dental Practice Management Software with dental notations, dentistry permanent and primary charts, dental treatment plans and customised dental procedures

Hospital Information Software (HIS)

Hospital Information Software to manage patient admission, surgeries, hospitalisation, emergency and medical vehicles and fleet and the medical inventory

Medical Imaging and Radiology (RIS)

Medical Imaging and Radiology Information Software to manage patient scan result for the MRI, CT, X Rays and Ultrasound tests and facilitate the medical imaging analysis

Health Professional Recruitment and Case Management

Comprehensive system, designed to optimize the recruitment journey, has the power to transform your hiring process, increase efficiency, and ensure a seamless application experience for potential health professionals

Laboratory Information Managment System

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Information Software to manage patient pathology results, billing, scheduled appointments and generate pathology and laboratory medicine reports