Clinical, Medical and Healthcare Solutions

We offer an advanced range of digital solutions in the medical field and healthcare. These solutions include an Electronic Medical Records system (EMR), Hospital Information Management Systems (HIS), Radiology Information Systems (RIS), Laboratory Information Solutions (LIS), alongside specialized software for managing dental clinics.

Unified Healthcare Transformation Platform

Comprehensive and exemplary solutions in clinical software and integrated healthcare services.

This platform offers a one-stop integrated solution for automating processes across various healthcare institutions, including hospitals, medical laboratories, diagnostic radiology centers, clinics, and medical centers, ensuring the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

Absolute Security Guarantee

Our system ensures no security breaches or data leaks, fully safeguarding patient data.

We provide a highly reliable infrastructure and follow advanced security protocols to protect clinical data and patient information round the clock, ensuring privacy and safety of health information at all times.

Ten Years of Stable Strategic Pricing

We have maintained a stable pricing system for our clinical and healthcare programs for ten years, supporting a long-term investment strategy in our platform.

This approach ensures cost-effectiveness and a high return on investment, with a low total cost of ownership, guaranteeing the sustainability and growth of your investments in healthcare.

Scalable Computing Resources

We offer advanced and scalable storage and computing resources, designed to provide security and reliability needed to support your healthcare institution at every stage of its growth.

With our unique adaptability and expansion capabilities, our medical and healthcare services and software grow to meet your evolving business needs, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness at every step of your institution's development journey.

Advanced System Integration Capabilities

Our system is designed for effective integration with the latest healthcare systems and devices, including diverse medical equipment, modules, and PACS systems.

Thanks to our advanced technology, our system seamlessly communicates and interacts with a wide range of medical and digital solutions, from diagnostic devices to complex systems, providing an integrated platform for efficient and secure management and analysis of health data.

Comprehensive Automation for Healthcare Institutions

Our company excels in providing integrated digital solutions for automating all aspects of healthcare institutions, from medical specialties such as gynecology and dentistry to operational processes like medical accounting, medical inventory management, billing, patient portals, and medical human resources and staff recruitment.

We offer technological solutions that precisely meet the needs of the healthcare sector, ensuring a smooth workflow and high efficiency in managing medical information and services, thereby enhancing the quality of healthcare provided.

The Optimal Investment in the Medical and Health Field

Healthcare Platform Compatible with All Systems

Our healthcare software and services are designed to operate efficiently on various operating systems and computing platforms, including Windows, Linux, macOS, IBM, and Solaris.

Our comprehensive Hospital Information System (HIS), Electronic Health Record (EHR), Laboratory Information System (LIS), and Radiology Information System (RIS) are optimized to work seamlessly on mobile devices with Android and iOS systems.

Focus on Your Patient

Focus on your patients and leave the management of your computing infrastructure and healthcare services to us. Our support center operates around the clock through phone, internet, and service desk to efficiently resolve any issues and handle any risks.

Our healthcare solutions and integrated platform provide the ability to request immediate assistance for any health professional with access to the system. With just a click of a button, our 24/7 support center initiates an immediate phone call to provide the necessary support.

25% Discount for Healthcare Organizations

Non-profit healthcare organizations and health charities are eligible for a 25% discount on all our standard prices.

We support any healthcare institution, whether a hospital, clinic, or medical center, providing community healthcare services in any region, location, or country. We offer a 25% discount on our digital healthcare products and services to support these institutions.

A Comprehensive Guide to Our Medical and Health Products

Medical Clinics and Practices Management System

Modern and cost-effective software for managing medical practices including patient management, billing, health services, and the lifecycle of clinical data.


Integrated Dental Clinics Management System

Interactive integrated management system for dental clinics with dental notes, permanent and primary dental charts, dental treatment plans, and customized dental procedures.


Hospital Information System (HIS)

Integrated medical information system for hospitals to manage patient admissions, surgical operations, hospitalization, emergency cases, medical vehicles, fleet, and medical inventory management.


Comprehensive HR Management System for Medical Staff

An extensive system for staff management covering recruitment, case management, training and development, attendance, electronic signing, and leave management.


Radiology and Medical Imaging Information System (RIS)

Radiology and medical imaging information program for managing patient scan results for MRI, CT scans, X-rays, ultrasounds, and facilitating the analysis of medical imaging.


Laboratory Information System (LIS)

Pathology and medical laboratory information program for managing patient disease results, billing, scheduled appointments, and generating pathology and laboratory reports.