Minerva Data

Minerva Data is an innovative healthcare platform that provides cost-effective, ultra-secure, and reliable digital health services. Our platform is designed for swift integration with your clinic, medical center, hospital, pathology lab, and radiology department, facilitating seamless digital transformations and enhancing healthcare delivery.

Founded in 2006, Minerva Data arose from the urgent need to address the complex demands of the Australian healthcare sector, including hospitals, medical centres, clinics, and health education systems. Situated in Victoria, Australia, our vision was to provide a tailored, innovative solution to these sophisticated requirements.

Through a forward-thinking, strategic, and contemporary approach, Minerva Data has been instrumental in transforming Australia's healthcare landscape. Our comprehensive solutions have empowered thousands of healthcare professionals and providers, fostering a revolution in the sector.

MINERVA DATA PTY LTD, legally registered in Australia, is recognized for its excellence in the healthcare sector with Australian Company Number (ACN) 661 846 706 and Australian Business Number (ABN) 76 661 846 706. Our commitment to delivering exceptional service is at the heart of our operations.

We are dedicated to advancing healthcare in Australia through innovative solutions and expert services that cater to the evolving needs of the industry.