Legal Statement: Minerva Data Cloud Services

Legal statement about Minerva Data cloud, web-based Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Hospital Information Software (HIS), Radiology Information Software (RIS), Laboratory Information Software (LIS) and Dental Practice Software

Effective September 24, 2023

This document serves as a formal declaration of the policies, practices, and procedures adopted by Minerva Data in relation to our cloud-based services, including but not limited to: Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Hospital Information Software (HIS), Radiology Information Software (RIS), Laboratory Information Software (LIS), and Dental Practice Software.

Clear, Understandable Language

To uphold transparency and clarity, we articulate our privacy, terms, and legal documents in coherent and straightforward language. This ensures users fully comprehend the range of services provided and our data handling practices.

Privacy and Legal Policy

Our Privacy and Legal Policy delineate the methods employed by Minerva Data and its affiliates to collect, process, and disclose your information, and data pertinent to our services. If you disagree with any terms herein, abstain from using our services, websites, or any other operational facets of Minerva Data.


We implement reasonable and appropriate security protocols to protect your data from unauthorized access, cyber-attacks, and undue disclosure.

User Responsibility

Users are accountable for implementing stringent security practices, managing user accounts, deactivating unnecessary accounts, and correctly configuring the system. Timely payment completion is imperative for uninterrupted service; non-compliance may lead to service termination.

Service Modifications

Services may be altered for performance improvement, new feature introduction, or security enhancement. You will receive prior notification of any impending changes.

Data Access

Access to your data is prohibited without your written consent, save for exceptional, user-approved non-standard operations.

Data Backup

Regular, user-scheduled backups are recommended, which are transferable and portable, to assure data availability.

Data Disclosure Policy

Your data will not be sold, shared, or utilized for statistical or user experience enhancements and will not be disclosed to third parties unless legally mandated. Users will be informed of any legal demands for data disclosure.

Unauthorized Access Consequences

Access is exclusively granted to users managing active accounts; unauthorized access or alteration of data is punishable by up to a 10-year imprisonment under prevailing cybercrime legislation.

Patient Safety

Minerva Data’s services are intended solely for trained medical professionals within regulated medical entities for health data management. Misuse may compromise patient safety and may result in severe consequences. Users are advised to meticulously consult the user manual to understand the systems thoroughly.

Payment Information

Payment card details or specific information regarding the card used for service fees are not stored or retained.

Final Remarks

By accessing or using our services, you acknowledge your understanding and acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth in this document. We encourage all users to review this document carefully and consult with a legal advisor if necessary. Minerva Data reserves the right to modify this legal statement at any time, with amendments being effective upon publication.